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The People for Keanuú Smith-Brown Announces Endorsement By Sunrise Movement Annapolis

The time has come to Replant, Regrow, and Revive Annapolis

Annapolis, MD (April 14, 2021), With Earth Day coming up on April 22, the People for Keanuú Smith-Brown campaign proudly announces being endorsed by Sunrise Movement Annapolis.

“I am honored to be endorsed by this organization. Like our campaign, Sunrise is a movement centered around grassroots organizing and building relationships. We connect to our communities by having conversations with neighbors, families, clergy, business leaders, and others,” said Keanuú Smith-Brown. “With the intersectionality of environmental justice, we will propel the voices and needs of our marginalized people especially. And, with committed allies by our side, I look forward to continuing the fight for a clean, green future for Ward 3 and the City of Annapolis.”

“Annapolis needs a Green New Deal now more than ever. At a time when our city is flooding, our air is changing color, and our people are already dealing with this crisis we need a bold leader and legislator,” said Kasey Brown, Sunrise Annapolis Hub Coordinator. “Keanuú Smith-Brown is that person our city needs.”

The endorsement was secured after Smith-Brown shared a preview of his Annapolis City Green Plan with chapter leadership. The plan is scheduled to be released next week. More details coming soon.

To learn more about Keanuú Smith-Brown and his campaign, including how to donate and volunteer, please visit

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