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Words from KSB

“We have shown up of age, with life experience, and many with degrees, in disbelief to find that seeking and sacrificing more does not always prove to have benefit. Our monies pour into a system flustered by implementing change, yet feeds from our debts and anguish. But now, I see so clearly why I, as an elementary school kid at Georgetown East Elementary, wanted to be president. A black gay high school student raised by his mother, Tameka Smith, surrounded by poverty and privileges, realized that with a stroke of a pen lives would change, lives could change, and I know that more lives will change. By finding realistic solutions, and justifiable resolve with our opposition, without allowing a difference in ideology and values to prohibit us from majority consensus, generations will be set free.”

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Early Life

Keanuú Smith-Brown (KSB) is the eldest of six siblings and a first-generation college graduate. He was born in Annapolis, Maryland, and raised by his mother, Tameka Smith, in the communities of Admiral Farragut, Eastport Terrace, and Admiral Oaks. Witnessing years of idleness in Annapolis, Keanuú sees an urgent and dire need for purposeful leadership and rooted substantive change in our city and Ward 3. He says, “The time has come.”

Keanuú survived histiocytosis (a cancerous disease) at the age of two, after undergoing months of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. He believes the touch of God, the outpouring of love and support from family, and the care from medical professionals led to his remission of more than twenty years.


Legacy, Unity, and Faith

Keanuú’s faith has manifested into him serving the community with commitment, integrity, and truth. He will interweave a realistic/relevant perspective, while honoring the power of your vote, to amplify your voice at Annapolis City Hall. Politicians have not always lived up to their promises, but Keanuú offers an alternative approach to legislating and representing. He will always put you and Ward 3 first, reaching for pure coexistence and success for all. Called on by his lifelong passion to help better the lives of all people, Keanuú will use his lived experiences and teachings in his servant leadership.

Growth Through Challenge

Keanuú grew up surrounded by abuse and domestic violence. He witnessed journeys of survival — from addiction to cyclic incarceration. Having personally experienced mental health illness, Keanuú knows the importance of providing access to mental health resources and services. It is a moral obligation to help advance the lives of others, particularly the deprived and vulnerable.

During his senior year of high school in 2013, Keanuú reached a pivotal moment in his life, as he then began questioning his sexuality. It was not until Keanuú came out that he realized the awakening impacts of self-awareness, bravery, and confidence. Keanuú attending prom with someone of the same sex, as a gay black man, set a precedent in his high school. He emphasizes the urgency for persons of every demographic, regardless of sexual orientation, to join without fear or hate.

Keanuú at church.

Leading with Vision

For years, there have been empty promises and minimal to no solutions. There are those who have been manipulating your perception of reality, making you believe your voice and vote is meaningless. Keanuú sees your contribution and worth. He strives to encourage and inspire you to stand up and get involved in a political process where decisions are being made on your behalf. Our diverse coalition will only be strengthened when we defend — not prosecute — one another.

The time has come for listening to, empathizing with, and working for you. You will not be forgotten, as Keanuú believes there is no mutual exclusivity when tackling constituent concerns and presenting the priorities for our city. Keanuú commits himself to all constituents in Ward 3. He vows to help save our Families, Finances, and Future with a platform of Public Safety, Police Reform, Immigration Support Services, Food/Housing Security, Human Wellness, Youth Engagement, Fiscal Responsibility, Community Wealth, Environmental Justice, and Extended Transportation Access.

The People for Keanuú Smith-Brown

Vote KSB, Leadership for a New Ward 3, by Primary Election Day on Tuesday, September 21, 2021 (7:00 AM – 8:00 PM), to represent you on the Annapolis City Council. With honor, Keanuú Smith-Brown will serve as your Ward 3 Alderman, carrying your interests close to his heart, mind, body, and soul; Of Change. For Us — the People.

People for Keanuú Smith-Brown
Keanuú outside the Maryland State House, Annapolis, Maryland

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