Vision of a Prosperous Tomorrow

Development, Fair Taxing, and Thriving Businesses

  • Manage the city’s deficit and control unallocated spending; promote wise budgeting when appropriating expenditures and setting revenue streams.
  • Work to implement fair, economically sound tax codes for small businesses and property owners; curb hikes in income and property taxes, especially for families.
  • Ensure clean/smart development with reasonable accountability for developers and property managers.

Fiscal, Food, and Housing Security

  • Shelter the homeless and uplift our Ward 3 residents living in public housing; supply self-sufficient mechanisms and homeownership support.
  • Cultivate a better sense of domestic life, create financial stability, and normalize affordable housing; secure equal pay and higher wages, ease unionization, income-based tax credits, and access to modernized technology.
  • Adequately invest in impoverished communities, eradicate hunger, and rid of food deserts; widely make available food bank/pantry distributions and options for local, fresh grocery.
  • Increase monitored parking areas and efficient waste management (citywide recycle and bulk trash and garbage pick up).

Public Safety and Police Reform

  • Protect the well-being and safety of Ward 3 residents; home in on community policing, thorough onboarding for first responders, and best crime prevention and public safety methods. 
  • Proportionally invest in the well-being of our first responders; further avenues for officers to obtain higher education degrees and options for mental/health services.
  • Reduce crime, particularly related to criminal and drug offenses; appropriately station patrol/security and shorten emergency response times.

Immigration Support Services

  • Assist and guard undocumented immigrants seeking asylum and residency; guide immigrants in the process of citizenship and direction to legal aid.
  • Connect residents with multilingual learning and speech classes; advocate for multilingual resources in Anne Arundel County’s private and public school curricula.
  • Produce means for language translation and translated information citywide.

Health, Wellness, and Medicare

  • Healthcare is a human right! Lead in the shift toward affordable and quality healthcare/Medicare for All; cover dental and hearing by incorporating in health services.
  • Minimize medical expenses and prescription costs! Combat rising health insurance costs.
  • Restore and save lives! Curb the use of life-threatening substances and drugs, halt deaths by overdose, and promote addiction recovery to prevent recidivism.
  • More access, not incarceration! Allocate funding for those reentering society and provide paths to rehabilitation and educational, addiction, and mental health services.

Green Space and Climate Crises

  • Prioritize environmental justice and sustainability; broaden the reach for grant funded green projects, such as community gardens and solar farms.
  • With investigation and partnerships, purchase spacious land underlying ecosystem preservation/rejuvenation.
  • Preserve our natural resources and power Annapolis with 100% of energy sourced from renewable sources; purchase 100% of energy from renewable energy credits.
  • Regulate and diminish air/water pollution; thwart climate disasters, particularly flood mitigation and surface runoff.

Youth Engagement and Education

  • Commit to our adolescents, teens, and youth; invest in educational opportunities and programs, such as fellowships/internships, job certifications, scholarships, tutoring, and mentorships.
  • Promote Annapolis daycare and after-school care facilities staffed by experienced Annapolis residents; offer support for meeting child care certification/licensing requirements.
  • Advocate and partner with officials, particularly in higher levels of government, for fully funding our schools.

Community Wealth and Transportation

  • Enhance the economic standing and diversity of our communities of color via generational wealth-building, financial literacy, black business/property ownership, and encouragement of entrepreneurship.
  • Honor and broaden our understanding of the history and culture of Ward 3.
  • Expand city transit and transportation access; offer free public transportation and promote transition to green cars/buses.

The People for Keanuú Smith-Brown

Vote KSB, Leadership for a New Ward 3, by Primary Election Day on Tuesday, September 21, 2021 (7:00 AM – 8:00 PM), to represent you on the Annapolis City Council. With honor, Keanuú Smith-Brown will serve as your Ward 3 Alderman, carrying your interests close to his heart, mind, body, and soul; Of Change. For Us — the People.

People for Keanuú Smith-Brown
Keanuú outside the Maryland State House, Annapolis, Maryland

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