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Run for Something endorses Keanuú Smith-Brown for Alderman of Ward 3 in the City of Annapolis

KSB joins the May 2021 Endorsement Class

Annapolis, MD (May 20, 2021), The People for Keanuú Smith-Brown is proud to announce that Run for Something (RFS), the groundbreaking organization that recruits and supports strong voices in the next generation of progressive leadership, endorsed Keanuú Smith-Brown for Ward 3 Alderman on the Annapolis City Council.

“Run for Something is dedicated to supporting new, progressive candidates all across our nation,” Smith-Brown said. “Their endorsement of our campaign and Vision of a Prosperous Tomorrow further demonstrates that we have the momentum, and I am honored to have their support.”

“With each new class of candidates, we see how broad and diverse our shared story in America is and can be,” said RFS co-founder Ross Morales Rocketto. “Structural change does not happen overnight. It does not happen with electing one person. It is not linear. It takes years of hard work to create real and lasting change, and supporting this group of candidates is just one more step towards representation and true progress.”

“As we celebrate months that amplify an array of people and movements, we are dedicated to also using that spotlight to promote lasting change within the Democratic Party, which begins with electing progressives at the state and local level,” said RFS co-founder Amanda Litman.

Please visit to learn more about the organization and its mission. Also, check out this article on Medium for details on the May 2021 endorsement class.

To learn more about Keanuú Smith-Brown and his campaign, including how to donate and volunteer, please visit

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